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How We Work With

Individuals & Families Experiencing Life Changes

Uncertainty Creates Opportunities

Changes happen. Sometimes we initiate them, and sometimes they are forced upon us. Whatever the cause, change often creates financial planning needs at a time of stress and uncertainty.

What Kind of Change Are You Going Through? We Can Help.

Career Change

Shifts in your career can happen for many reasons, from a layoff or promotion to a desire to change professions or a spouse starting or stopping work based on family responsibilities. We can help you recalibrate your financial picture whether you’re facing an impending change or you’re still thinking about making one:

  • Projecting cash flow when you’re still determining the feasibility of a career change
  • Managing the effects of your career change on spending and saving
  • Helping you adapt financially to the changes that accompany your shift, such as moving to a new location, added time commitments, and other family disruptions

Sudden Wealth

This usually comes from inheritance. While sudden wealth can provide an opportunity for re-visioning your life goals, it may involve financial complexities you have not faced before. Planning needs and opportunities we can help you with include:

  • Thinking through your goals and opportunities, like a career change or earlier retirement
  • Solidifying funds for existing goals
  • Understanding what to spend now and what to save for later
  • Determining wow to integrate the new funds into your existing investment plan
  • Reviewing changes to your tax situation, insurance and estate plan

How Is Your Life Shifting?

We’d love to see how we can help you make the most of your financial circumstances and plan for what’s ahead.

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