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How We Work With

Growing Families

As Your Family Grows,
So Do Your Financial Complexities

Our main focus is on helping families manage increasing financial complexity as children and careers grow.
Read below to learn more.

Between demanding jobs, active children and community activities, your life is full.

You’re established—with significant financial commitments now—and large financial changes on the horizon. Finances are becoming more complex at the same time your availability to manage them is becoming more constrained. 

We work with you throughout these years and beyond to help you...

Build enough for retirement

It’s not tomorrow, but it’s no longer some distant vision either.

Get more focused on college funding 

Maybe you’ve started but need to better define actual potential costs and how to fund them.

Review your investment portfolio

Ensure your investments are working for you effectively.

Address your risks

Understand and manage factors that can derail your plans, such as disability and death.

Adjust your spending and saving plan 

As your needs continually change, you should update your cash flow strategy too.

Manage career changes 

This may look like an at-home spouse returning to work, finding work-life balance, or changing career ambitions and priorities.

Determine your living needs

Assess whether you want, and whether or not you can afford, a larger home.

Manage your taxes 

During peak-earning years, keeping more of what you earn is critical to long-term success.

Kids Are… Expensive

A Guide to Spending and Saving for Parents of School-Aged Children

Get access to our free guide by the firm’s founder, Brad Bond, CFP®, CFA, AIF®.

Are You Looking to Be More
Strategic With Your Finances?

As a growing family, taking the right steps now can drastically improve your outcomes later in life. If you have any questions or you’re curious about working together, reach out to talk with us.

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