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About C.B. Bond Financial Planning

Offering Thoughtful, Strategic Solutions Since 1996

C. B. Bond Financial Planning has been providing financial planning and investment advice to individuals and families since 1996. Over that time we have learned a lot, which has helped us define the key values that drive our practice:

Accessibility for All Who Need Financial Guidance

There are many firms to serve the very wealthy. C. B. Bond Financial Planning focuses on serving people from all walks of life and all life chapters. At any life stage, key financial decisions, such as establishing a spending and savings plan, deciding how much house or car to buy, managing debt and prioritizing goals, can have lasting and leveraged effects. These kinds of decisions are important regardless of how much or how little money you have, which is why C. B. Bond Financial Planning does not require clients to have a minimum level of assets.

Integration of Financial Planning and Investments

Financial planning and investing are an integrated whole. Some firms separate the two or focus only on investments. Financial planning provides the big picture in terms of defining financial goals and priorities. Investments are an important means to meet the goals. However, an investment plan is rudderless without being tied in with the broader financial planning needs such as spending and saving, tax planning, college, insurance, retirement and estate planning.

Proven Investing Principles Combined with Behavioral Awareness

C. B. Bond Financial Planning does not try to figure out the best time to be in or out of a particular investment, or which investment sectors are going to do best in the next six months (or six days). We design well-diversified portfolios based on an investment policy tied to your objectives and your tolerance, need and capacity for investment risk. Once the portfolio is established, we make small changes over time to make sure the portfolio stays on track.

We also recognize the emotional nature of investing. We help clients maintain investing discipline, so they don’t panic when things are going poorly or become too exuberant when things are going well. Market extremes, both high and low, are when we can provide our greatest value as an investment advisor.

Do Our Core Principles Reflect What You’re Looking for?

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